Facilitator experiences

How has HOBY changed you?  How WILL HOBY change you??

“HOBY – as an ambassador, junior staff, and facilitator – has been an incredible experience for me, and I’m excited and grateful to be involved in the program again. I want to help pass that same life-long enthusiasm on to future ambassadors. And I think I have just as much to learn from the students as they do from me. “


“I hope to be a HOBY Facilitator to help give back to the HOBY program and ensure the ambassadors have a positive and energy-filled experience. HOBY led me to create my own service program at my high school in 2006 and still occurs every year. Pay it forward.”


“l wish to be a HOBY Facilitator to help high school students realize their full potential in being able to do other things for other people and help them make a difference in the world.”