Alumni Info

EXCELeration Kit for HOBY Alumni

All HOBY alumni are encouraged to check out the HOBY EXCELeration kit. It has information regarding future HOBY opportunities and instructions for logging service hours. Click here to view the EXCELeration Kit!

Facebook groups for seminar alumni and staff

Junior Staff Application

HOBY Alumni ages (high school juniors up to age 20) are invited to return to the seminar as Junior Staff volunteers.
(deadline to apply is February 24th, 2017)
Thank you for your interest – we are no longer taking applications for 2017.

Questions regarding the application can be submitted to the Junior Staff Directors at [email protected].

HOBY’s Academic All-Star

HOBY’s Academic All-Star program awards alumni who have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher. HOBY will mail you a congratulatory letter with a certificate and an official HOBY honor cord to wear at graduation!
(deadline to apply is February 15th, 2017)

Additional Program Information

World Leadership Congress (WLC) Registration
Advanced Leadership Academy (ALA) Registration

Please feel free to email the HOBY North Carolina West Alumni Advisor at [email protected] with any questions.