Student Questions | James Barton | [email protected]
Junior Staff | Carmen Miller and Zach Oliver | [email protected]
HOBY Alumni |  | [email protected]
Facilitators | Amy Zambor and Brittani Swinford | [email protected]
Public Relations | [email protected]
HOBY Fundraising | [email protected]
HOBY Seminar Chair | Kali Blevins and Bronwyn Frank | [email protected]

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c/o Winston-Salem Jaycees
223 N. Spring St., Unit A
Winston-Salem, NC 27101

HOBY NC West Corporate Board (Winston-Salem Jaycees Foundation):

President – Renee Shipko
Vice President – Suzanne Ferguson
Treasurer – Mitzi McLean
Secretary – Carmen Miller

For more information, please contact the President of the Winston-Salem Jaycees Foundation at [email protected].