Facilitator Info

Want to spend a weekend with some of western North Carolina’s best and brightest high school sophomores?

Please fill out both applications:

(1) Click here for the facilitator application:  https://goo.gl/forms/VT89gPx2cCtcGIaO2

(2) Also please complete your annual HOBY National volunteer application at http://www.hoby.org/volunteer/volunteer-for-leadership-seminars

If you’re volunteering (for all or part of the weekend), we will need you to fill out a background check and code of conduct form.  

Please fill these out and send them back to the HOBY NC West’s Corporate Board President at [email protected].

Some Frequently asked Questions:

1) What will my job be if I volunteer to be a HOBY Facilitator?

You, along with another facilitator, will spend a weekend working with 10-12 OUTSTANDING rising high school juniors (Ambassadors). You will be leading your Ambassadors throughout the weekend in team building exercises; guiding them through the weekend’s activities; and enthusiastically supporting them throughout the weekend.

2) What are the requirements to being a HOBY Facilitator?

You must complete 2 separate HOBY online applications: one for HOBY National and one specifically for NC West. Click the links above to be taken to the different applications. You must be 21 years old, pass a background check, and be available for the entire weekend (Thursday evening through Sunday afternoon). You will be with this great group of Ambassadors throughout the weekend, so you will be required to stay on the campus where HOBY is held all weekend. If you are new to HOBY, don’t worry, we will train you and try to pair you with a veteran facilitator. Finally, you must be enthusiastic and help these Ambassadors have an experience of a lifetime!

3) Why do I need to fill out these applications?

Being a HOBY Facilitator is a big job, but also a VERY rewarding one. We have a limited number of facilitator spots available and also need to collect information from you to ensure we get to know you before the seminar! HOBY National oversees all seminar sites throughout the country and requires that all volunteers annually complete an online application at hoby.org.

Have other questions? Feel free to contact the Director of Facilitators or HOBY NC West Seminar Chair.